Percy at 7 Months

Now that we have an “empty nest”, after thoroughly enjoying sleeping in whenever we wanted and not being tied to doing anything for someone else, we decided to get a puppy. It was like having a new baby in the house. We were sleep-deprived for a few months and noticed that we were yawning an awful lot.

Well, Percy grabbed our hearts and we can’t imagine life without him now.

At 7 months, we had him neutered and he had to wear that awful cone for two long weeks. He got used to it and didn’t seem to mind after a couple of days, but we just couldn’t wait until he could take it off. He was just as adorable with the cone!!

I cut the bookends (THIS BOY) and the “7 months” frame with my Silhouette Cameo. The cuts are from the Silhouette store. The @ symbol was also cut with my Cameo, but it was just a font on my computer.

The font I used for my computer journaling is Annie BTN.