PL photo idea for Jan 21, 2013

Take a picture of something that will be a major project for you in 2013.

The pictures below are from what we call our “locker room”. When you live in an apartment, you usually have a locker room somewhere in which you can store all the stuff you never use, but want to keep or in which you store seasonal stuff like bicycles, tires, etc. Before we moved into our house in 1999, we had always lived in apartments so we called this storage area in our basement our locker room.

It didn’t take very long before we started just putting stuff in here without being organized about it … at all 😦

Now the room is a disaster and you can barely walk through to where the tires are kept at the end, under the stairs.

My major organization project this year will be to finally get this area organized.

This is the first area I have to clear out because we want to build shelves here so that we can store seasonal stuff in bins. I will use plastic bins labeled Christmas, camping, painting, etc. There will be more, but I will have to get started to decide on the rest of the bins.

To get this done, I will have to move all this stuff into the family room, which is where I now have a crop room set up. There won’t be any cropping when I get started on this. That will be my incentive to GET IT DONE!

I plan to make this area a work bench with a peg board for tools for my husband.

We must have about 20 paint cans under this bench. When we first moved in, we painted the entire house (6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, two floors plus a finished basement). We have since repainted the main floor and two rooms in the basement). This part is easy because we just need to pull them out and set them out on the street once I determine when hazardous waste pickup is planned for the spring. I don’t know why we kept them this long.

I will take pictures and videos of my progress (further incentive to GET IT DONE). I say this because we have been talking about it for a couple of years already, but now I have finally started getting rid of stuff from this area.

Once this is done, it will be possible to declutter and organize other areas of the house because we will have specific places for our stuff. I can’t wait to get it done.


2 thoughts on “PL photo idea for Jan 21, 2013

  1. I wish that I would have been invited to this very elite group earlier…would I have had pictures to beat yours. I am in the process of cleaning my, catch all/workroom/storage room after 24 year…yes I did write 24 yrs…..we could have had a contest as to who would have finished first and the end result…..I am also purging all closets…what a job and making myself a craft closet….lol

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