PL photo idea for Jan 5, 2013

Think of something in your surroundings that looks completely different in the various seasons, like your garden, local park, sidewalk, etc. Take a picture of it today and then write a note for your Project Life binder to remind you to take a picture of the same thing or place when the seasons change.

My picture shows my daughter’s street after a 42cm snowstorm in Montreal. She actually moved into her gorgeous new apartment during that snowstorm and I drove there to help them. We never expected it would be that bad!!!

Tip: Set up your Project Life binder with all the page protectors you will need for the year and then use sticky notes to mark the weeks or months for your binder, depending on how you are doing project life (daily photos with a two-page spread for every week or monthly spreads). This lets you organize your binder with reminders, photos, journaling, memorabilia and anything that will help you with the project. Use the binder as a place to keep these things.


One thought on “PL photo idea for Jan 5, 2013

  1. Wow! That was a tough time to be moving! A new apt is exciting, though. I like this idea. A four seasons one would be fun too. Thanks for your great ideas & inspirations.

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