PL photo idea for Jan 4, 2013

While your children (or pets) are doing something they really love, sneak up on them and take a picture without them knowing so you catch them in the moment, not in a pose.

My children are grown and don’t live at home anymore so I took a picture of Percy.

When my husband leaves for work in the morning, Percy and I usually go outside and play in the yard for a while before we start the day. We make him chase a frisbee or a ball and make him get a good workout!

He is usually quite worn out when we come back inside and he often goes back into his crate for a snooze. He sleeps in his crate so that is his bedroom and he feels very comfy there. He actually goes to bed by himself most nights.


2 thoughts on “PL photo idea for Jan 4, 2013

  1. Awesome.My boys are grown & out the house but my youngest comes home from college for the holidays. I toke a pix of him knocked out on my sofa. Titled it “this is what college life does to U”. Lol

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