Project Life Finally Organized

I have been thinking about how to organize all my Project Life stuff for some time and I have changed my mind at least a few times, but I am finally done organizing my PL work area. I wanted to have everything within easy reach and well organized so that when I look for something specific, it will be fast and easy to find.

2012-12-17 22.06.29

This area shows a box insert from my Becky Higgins PL kit in which I keep 6×6″ paper pads, date rollers and miscellaneous bits and pieces of things I use. Beside it is a small tin box that contains small wooden stamps with numbers and letters that I use to identify photographs and match them to the journaling spots on the page.

Beside the BH kit box insert is a Martha Stewart desk organizer with letter stickers and others I use for project life. I also have some markers and large sticker sheets in this organizer.

2012-12-17 22.06.32

One of the most time-consuming parts of my PL organization is my stackable paper bins with divided plastic trays that contain all my little goodies. The goodies are organized by shape type and you can see the five trays in the pictures below.

2012-12-17 22.06.57

2012-12-17 22.07.50

2012-12-17 22.07.35

2012-12-17 22.07.24

2012-12-17 22.07.11

Above you can see that each section contains shapes in all types of materials, such as wood veneer, paper, chipboard and felt hearts, etc.

2012-12-17 22.06.38

The three red binders contain the stamps I use for project life. These binders are from the Martha Stewart collection and I have used MS divided plastic pages for my stamps.

The unit on the left under my ribbon is a Kaiser wooden shelf unit that I built and decorated. It has four pull out drawers and dividers at the top.

2012-12-17 22.06.42

At the far left are two more organizers. One contains SMASH* pads and tiny envelopes. The other contains pens and markers I use for journaling.

The large clothespin is holding pages printed from my Day One Journal which I will use to write my journaling.

2012-12-17 22.08.01

This is one of the drawers in my Kaiser unit. I keep large shapes that don’t fit in the plastic trays in these three drawers. The bottom drawer is the width of the entire unit so I keep longer pieces in the drawer.

2012-12-17 22.08.30

This is a drawer in my JetMax tower beside the window. I keep my Becky Higgins journaling and title cards and some Washi tape in here.

2012-12-17 22.08.22

The rest of my Washi tape is in these trays under my Window. The trays are from Ikea.

2012-12-17 22.06.47

Although it is nearly the end of 2012, I still have a lot to catch up on in my 2012 PL binder. I’m the type of person who needs to have everything organized before I can really get into a project so, now that this is done, I can really get moving.


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