The Big City

In August, my husband and I drove to New York City. New York is a huge, busy, impressive city and I wanted to capture the size and beauty of its skyscrapers along with other impressions of the city.

In this layout, I used a transparency over Trump Towers and then cut down the pictures of other skyscrapers. I wasn’t sure if this would work well at first, but now I see that doing this really helped me achieve what I wanted to show.


I am submitting this post to the Paper Girls Challenge Blog so wish me luck 🙂


Let’s Play

This is a very dear friend’s daughter Erica. Michelle brings her to our monthly all-day crop at the “Golden Age Club” in Kahnawake for a few hours in the morning and Erica gets such a kick out of meeting and playing with mommy’s friends — this is special mommy time for her that she gets to enjoy all by herself with mommy.

I say “Golden Age Club” in quotations marks because none of us are “golden agers”, we just use the facilities. Well, maybe one or two of us in years, but not in our hearts 🙂

Erica and I made friends quite easily, especially when we started playing Hide ‘n Seek!!! Erica couldn’t say “Karin” yet, but she says my name perfectly now.