Cricut Cakes

I have learned a LOT with every cake I have made, and this one was certainly no exception — in fact, I learned more with this cake than any other so far! It certainly isn’t the most amazing looking cake I have made so far, but I definitely learned a lot.

The best looking cake I have made is below. This was for my 2nd annual New Year’s Eve crop.

Cutting the border from an icing sheet.

What I have learned:

  • Always create your layout in Cricut Craft Room first and cut it from paper so that you can see exactly how things will fit and where you want to put them. Note, I have a Cricut Expression in addition to my Cricut Cake. I would not want to use paper, glue, etc. in the machine I use for food.
  • Have a look at the picture of the cut so you can get the face features right.
  • If it looks like the amount of batter in your two pans is kind of skimpy, chances are you are right. I think it’s best to make enough for two full size layers because you will want to cut the top off to make sure you have a flat surface to work on. Having tall enough layers makes a huge difference when you also need to cut some off the bottom (wink wink).
  • Food colouring does not always provide consistent results. I used Wilton gel food colouring, but still had inconsistencies. The red balloon, shirt and piping around the cake were made with the same colour, but they don’t look the same at all.
  • Gum paste is my favourite material for cutting with the Cricut Cake. It needs to be rolled as thin as possible and you should not cut faster than at medium speed.
  • Cut additional pieces while you have the material on the mat in case pieces break while you manipulate them.
  • I prefer to cut with the rubber covering on the blade removed. I think I had better results.
  • Cut your pieces with the Flip option so your cuts have nice smooth edges. They look much better from the bottom.
  • Sit down and take your time removing the pieces from the mat carefully. They will come off well, but if you hurry, you might break some pieces.
  • Once you put the pieces down on icing (versus fondant), it can be very difficult and even impossible to move them.
I made the first cake for a friend’s daughter’s birthday to practice. While I am sure I could do much better, the learning experience was very valuable.
I was very pleased with how the pieces cut with gum paste. I only needed to recut the “s” and “w” in sweet pea because they got mangled when I removed them from the mat.

One thought on “Cricut Cakes

  1. Great Job. Love using my Cricut to cut gum paste. Do you buy or make your own gum paste. I am stay at home mom earning quite a bit of pocket money from selling the gum paste images.

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