Stickles Stand

Last year, I got a cupcake stand from Kaisercraft from my LSS (Scrapbook Centrale). I never did end up decorating it for cupcakes and one day I was telling my husband about this idea I had about using my drill (I love my drill) to make holes in an old shelf thingie to make a holder for my Stickles. We talked about how I would measure out the spacing and I thought about using Make-The-Cut to design a template. Then he came up with the BRILLIANT IDEA of making the Stickles stand from that cupcake holder I never used.

I just stared at him and as the idea revolved in my head, I told him that his idea was amazing!!!

Let me warn you that it is a bit time-consuming to make, but it will be the perfect way to store my Stickles because I will be able to group them by colour and see the colours so easily.

Partially completed Stickles stand.

My template has the perfect spacing for Stickles bottles. Many different crafting products come in the same types of bottles (alcohol inks, reinkers, etc.)

I cut the template file with my KNK Maxx and then placed it over the shelves of my cupcake stand. I traced all the holes that fit on the shelf.

The MTC file I designed includes two versions. One for the cupcake stand and one with holes included in the middle so you can use the template for any type of soft wood box or other container. You don’t have to use a cupcake stand. You might have something around the house already.

You can download the template from here.


Percy at 7 Months

Now that we have an “empty nest”, after thoroughly enjoying sleeping in whenever we wanted and not being tied to doing anything for someone else, we decided to get a puppy. It was like having a new baby in the house. We were sleep-deprived for a few months and noticed that we were yawning an awful lot.

Well, Percy grabbed our hearts and we can’t imagine life without him now.

At 7 months, we had him neutered and he had to wear that awful cone for two long weeks. He got used to it and didn’t seem to mind after a couple of days, but we just couldn’t wait until he could take it off. He was just as adorable with the cone!!

I cut the bookends (THIS BOY) and the “7 months” frame with my Silhouette Cameo. The cuts are from the Silhouette store. The @ symbol was also cut with my Cameo, but it was just a font on my computer.

The font I used for my computer journaling is Annie BTN.