1986 Gaspé trip

I finally finished my 8 x 8 Gaspé album and am quite pleased with it. I got ideas from a number of places and included my own ideas as well.

Click on the picture to view more detail in a larger version.

It’s funny how you can have such different memories of the same event.

We camped at a different location every night. In the beginning, we were very good about packing up carefully, but after a few days, we were quite sloppy and I can remember loose potatoes rolling around in the trunk.

My sister remembers almost driving off the road because she tried to tune the radio that was not attached to the car. I had bought my first brand new car and was so excited, I insisted on having the one on the lot despite the fact that it did not have a radio. I did not want to wait an extra day for them to install the radio so I just brought a radio in the car and put it between the driver and passenger seats. Of course, reception was terrible and it was very inconvenient. If you look closely at the first camping picture (first picture in last row), you can see the radio on the picnic table. It was versatile LOL.

My son was eight years old on this trip. He is now 33.

We drove through the Chic Choc mountains — they were so beautiful, but the roads were terrible and we were in the middle of bear country!!! We saw logging trucks everywhere.

What an adventure!

My husband and I are planning to drive to Gaspé this spring or early summer. This time I will take many more pictures.


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